Steel Update

The vascular surgeon just left Steel's room. His pulse is strong in his foot and all looks well regarding the artery repair. As the swelling reduces, they anticipate a reduction in the pain and pressure and even better blood flow. This is extraordinary news as we were so fearful they would not be able to save his leg. He is on bed rest for the rest of today at least. They expect him to remain in the hospital for the next couple of days. Once they are confident in the healing process, he will be released to the orthopedic surgeon to begin the process of the MCL and ACL repair.

We are so appreciative of all the love and support. It was so heartwarming to walk into a waiting room full of coaches and teammates last night. I will never forget that image.

Also, a shout out to the staff at Providence St. Vincent's Hospital. They have been tremendous not only to Steel, but to us as well. The orthopedic surgeon has been in constant telephone contact with Leroy both before and after surgery.

We truly are surrounded by angels.

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