Steel Update - Tuesday Evening

Steel continues to improve. The swelling is reducing and the pulse readings are strong in his foot. The last 24 hours have been critical in the assessment of the success of the surgery and at this point, everything looks good for a full recovery.

His day was filled with visitors and he enjoyed each and everyone one of them. Steel's room is private and at the end of the hall. I'm sure the hospital anticipated this outpouring of love and support. (I'm sure the surgical waiting room at capacity was a big clue too.)

Steel is very tired tonight and is in quite a bit of pain. About 8:00pm, he was finally relaxed and comfortable so we left him to see if he can sleep tonight. We were fortunate to get lodging in the guest housing right across the street from the hospital so we are very close.

We truly appreciate all of the love, prayers and best wishes coming our way. This is the best use of Facebook in my opinion. Please keep praying because it is working. Witnessing this has been a humbling and life changing experience.

It is impossible to respond to everyone personally. The cell service in the hospital is not consistent. Today I answered several texts only to realize later that they never went through. If we haven't responded, please forgive us. I will continue to update this blog every night.