Steel Update - Wednesday Morning

We saw the vascular surgeon today. He says things look good and he will leave the mobility assessment up to the orthopedic surgeon at this point. This will determine when Steel will be released from the hospital. The plan is for Steel to get out of bed and move around a bit to see where he's at with pain and discomfort. If he has good mobility today, there is a possibility he may be released as early as tomorrow. Once he is sufficiently recovered from this procedure (estimated at 4-6 weeks) we will work on the MCL/ACL repair. He may have an MRI tomorrow. We will leave the timing of that up to the orthopedic surgeon.

For those (like me) who like details, you can click on the link below to read more about the artery that was torn on Saturday and repaired on Monday. (I know it's just Wikipedia, but it is a simple explanation.)

I'll update everyone again tonight.