Steel Update: Thursday Morning

I wrote a post last night, but apparently it did not go through. I was hoping to keep the rumors and stories about Steel's condition to a minimum by posting up to date, accurate information on this blog, but apparently it is not working. If anyone asks about Steel, please refer them to this blog. ( I will write daily (at least.) The vascular surgeon has released Steel's continued care to the orthopedic surgeon. This is the best indicator that Steel is right on track as far as healing goes for the Popliteal Artery repair. Steel did get up a few times yesterday and stood on his good leg. Up to that point, he had been flat in bed with his foot elevated.

There was an article on the front page of Portland's newspaper yesterday about this type of injury and just how serious it is. To read it, click on this link:

As I write, we are waiting for an MRI. As soon as the test is complete, Steel will be released to go home.

So far, it's a really, really good day.