Medicinal Comedy

Sierra is brilliant. She gets that from me.

As overwhelming as it sounded... Sierra suggested that we go to the Central Catholic football game on Friday night.  I was tired... and frankly, I was afraid of being bombarded by questions about Steel's injury.  I know people mean well, and I truly appreciate the support and love.  I don't know how we wouldn't have survived the week without it.  But I'm so tired of telling the story over and over again.  And I find clearing up the rumors and mis-information absolutely exhausting.

Since great minds think alike... I knew full well what Sierra was suggesting.  Being surrounded by our CC Football family sounded very therapeutic.  They know and love Steel like we do and we craved the good company.  We have a couple of buddies at those games who are just a blast to hang out with and the opportunity to laugh until our stomachs hurt was too much to miss.  These guys are HUGE Steel Rocha fans... they already knew the full, accurate story... so it really was a safe zone.  We also knew where they watch the game and since it's fairly secluded, we figured we could get in and out without too much attention.

It worked.

And it was just what the doctor ordered. We laughed until we hurt.  We giggled and teased and really escaped the stress and worries of the week.

We celebrated and it was awesome!

And because I was a little more relaxed, I was truly present for all of the others who came up for a hug or wished us well.  So many people were praying and continue to do so and I assured them that we felt every one of those prayers.  Steel has a lot of fans and it was so healing to be back again, surrounded by all of the love.