Moving Marriage

I hate weddings. Let me rephrase that... I hate MOST weddings.  Every once in a while we get invited to a wedding that is so filled with pure love that I know it is a privilege to witness.  Today was one of those weddings.

We had a good excuse to skip this one.  It's been a long week with Steel's injury and no-one would have questioned our decision, but we really wanted to go and I'm so glad we did.  There was so much love and sincerity between the bride and groom that everyone in the room was moved by with emotion.

I don't know the groom, but the bride has been a family friend for many years.   She was a favorite baby-sitter for Sierra and Steel on many occasions.  Knowing how extraordinary this girl is, I had an idea that the man she chose for a husband must be something special too.  And he certainly is.  His emotion and words of love tell me that she chose well.  This guy is obviously a keeper.

I won't soon forget the look on the groom's face as he saw his bride for the first time.  Or the way he acknowledge the absence of his deceased parents and the honor he bestowed upon his new in-laws as he used the traditional words for Mom and Dad when he thanked them.

There wasn't a dry eye in the house.

So thank you Mr. and Mrs. Tom Nunes for sharing your day with us.  But mostly, thank you for sharing your relationship and your love.