Losing It...

I'm really losing it.  I flaked on blogging for 2 days in row.  I can't believe it.  I've skipped days on purpose before... but I've never gone 2 days without an update.  Man... this is bad. It's certainly not for a lack of grace.  It is abundant.  I just really, really need to slow down a bit and get my wits together.

On Wednesday, September 26th, Brandon had surgery to repair his broken LT Fibula.  Dr. Lenita Williamson was his surgeon and everything went really well.  I tend to handle stressful situations with a dash of humor so I had Brandon smiling before surgery... but not so much after.  We kept telling him that the pain would be so much better after surgery and he has gently reminded us that we were wrong.  No matter though... He's in good hands with his doctors and his caregivers.  He's well on his way to recovery.

Thursday (9/27) I was able to stay home and catch up on lots of work which always makes me feel more relaxed.  I like to call those "no make-up" days.  (I didn't even put in my new contacts which I think I really like.  At least the vision is good, comfort is still an issue.)  I'm very thankful for these days and I might need to start building them into the schedule again.  I just need a catch up day and this was one of them.

Friday 9/28) finds us celebrating Hilmar High School's Homecoming.  This is a huge event in this little town.  You know something important is happening when the streets are lined with American flags.  (My favorite.)  Lander Avenue was filled with people on each side gathered to watch the festivities.  This is small town America at it's best and it harkens back to an era that has been long gone and forgotten in so many towns and cities around us.  This town has tremendous pride and they work very hard to keep their traditions alive.  It's really a pleasure to witness.