Boxer Homecoming

We're back in Oregon today but for a much happier occasion. It was a lot more fun traveling this week as opposed to last week. This trip was planned prior to Steel's injury on the 15th of September and we're so happy it was on the schedule. It's exactly what the doctor ordered... (for us.) We flew in to Portland, stopped and picked up a few things and then headed to campus. This weekend is Pacific's Homecoming so the campus was teeming with activity. We unloaded and quickly headed over to the game to see our boy. We arrived just at half time and Steel (in a wheelchair) met us. He looks great. It's so good to see him vertical again.

Steel's friends and room-mates have a lot of family up for the weekend, so we BBQ'd at their house. Leroy whipped up some delicious Tri-Tip. Accompanied by some other sides contributed by the other families and Sierra's delicious "Knock You Naked" brownies... it was an awesome meal.

We had a great time visiting with friends and most of all Steel. We played a few rousing games of Catch Phrase (as well as a few others) before heading back to the hotel to collapse from exhaustion.