Best Wishes

(Skipped another day. I better get my act together.) One of the most overwhelming experiences of Steel's injury and subsequent emergency surgery has been the outpouring of love and best wishes that have come our way from family and friends. In the digital world, word spreads fast. I knew this when I asked for prayers on Facebook and they came in abundance. We were surrounded by angels and we knew it.

We felt it.

Since we've been home and things have settled down, there hasn't been one day when someone hasn't asked about Steel. They want to know what happened, how he is currently and his prognosis. The conversations always end with their sincere best wishes and continued prayers. So often we hear kind words about Steel's character and personality and how much he is admired. Apparently, he has touched more lives than we could have imagined. He is well loved.

I don't think this will ever get old. Even when I was tired of telling the story, I never tire of hearing feeling the sincere kindness and concern. I know that it will fade, but just knowing that so many people are still concerned with his health and wellbeing warms our hearts.