Halloween Costumes

I'm not very creative.  Sometimes I have really good ideas, but more often than not I forget about them.  Sometimes I have good ideas, but start too late to make anything happen.  Then I feel like a complete under-achiever.  I LOVE to collect ideas on Pinterest, but I have to admit that I haven't tried most of them.  Probably less than 1%. Boo me.

A while back I had a really good idea for Halloween costumes for me and Leroy, but last night we discovered it was too late to order them.  So... today we tried to figure out how we could still pull it together.  I don't want to say too much because our costumes are a surprise, but I will say that it looks like we're going to be able to pull it off.  It's going to be a bit more work (because of our procrastination) but we'll get it done.

And it's going to be fabulous!