Steel Update: 4 Weeks Post-Op

People have been asking about Steel a lot lately.  I haven't updated everyone on his progress for a while.  He continues to do very well.  The artery bypass/graft is completely healed.  They have removed the stitches from his incision and he told me yesterday that it is almost completely healed as well.  He has resumed attending his classes.  He sees the Orthopedic Surgeon (team doctor at school) every Monday.  They have changed out his brace and Steel is weight-bearing on his leg now and is getting around with just light use of his crutches. As soon as the incision is completely healed, they will schedule the ligament repair surgery.

Thank you for all of your continued happy thoughts, well wishes and prayers.   Please keep them coming.  As soon as we know the date for surgery, I'll post another update.