Soup Supper Sundays

I love soup. I really, really love soup.  And when I make it, I always make a huge batch.  (I don't know how to make a personal portion of soup.  I think it's impossible.)  I decided to start sharing my soup.  Each Sunday when I make soup, I tell all of my friends on Facebook and invite them to come on over.  The only brave souls to give try it have been John and Anne, but they really don't count.  (I think they just happened to stop by and I suckered them into eating soup.)  Other than that, no one has taken me up on the offer.

No one, until today!

I'm thrilled to announce that we had 6 people for soup today.  We served leftover Chicken Noodle (not the best) but that didn't seem to bother anyone.  We had a great time.   The soup was hot and filling but the company was the best part of the evening.

I hope people know I 'm serious now.  We'll see what happens this week!