Costume Designer

Halloween was never a big deal in my house when I was growing up. I always had a costume, but it was always one of the plastic box versions with a creepy mask. I was always so jealous of the kids that had home-made, REAL costumes. When our kids were little, they had AWESOME costumes. Every year we'd go to the fabric store, pick out the costume, patterns and fabric and my mother-in-law would sew fantastic, perfectly fitting costumes. None of the store bought, plastic crap for them. They always looked awesome.

Leroy and I don't always dress up, but when we do, we take it fairly seriously. We came up with a great idea several weeks ago, and even found costumes online. However, when we went to order them the delivery was 8 weeks out. Too late for a party on Saturday.

Doralice to the rescue!

I took fabric to her on Saturday, and today I have a perfectly fitted costume ready to go. I might get mistaken for an authentic version of my character.

I can't tell you what we'll be dressed as this year. You'll have to wait for a post on Saturday or Sunday (with pictures, I promise.)