Rumspringen and Coke

We call our 2012 Halloween ensemble "Rumspringen and Coke." Rumspringen is defined as a time when Amish adolescents may engage in rebellious behavior, resisting or defying parental norms. In many cultures, enforcement may be relaxed, and misbehavior tolerated or overlooked to a degree. A view of rumspringa has emerged in popular culture that this divergence from custom is an accepted part of adolescence or a rite of passage for Amish youth. As I stated in a previous blog post... My mother in law, Doralice did an out standing job on my dress. We look VERY authentic. Maybe even a little too authentic. Even though we attended a costume party last night, we made a few of the guests a little uncomfortable. One of the guests (someone we had never met) asked if we were Mennonite instead of Amish because they saw me using a cell phone. LOL! They had to be told we were dressed in costume.

There were lots of great costumes, but one of our favorites was this guy dressed as Gene Simmons in full Kiss costume and makeup. He looked awesome. And of course he was a perfect fit to hang out with the Amish couple. One of my favorite memories of the night was dirty dancing with him to Superfreak. (You know, "She's a very kinky girl, the kind you don't take home to mother..." It just seemed appropriate and oh so inappropriate all at the same time.)