Medical Updates

More good news on the medical front for our two favorite patients. I spoke with the Pacific University trainer today and he told me that Steel is doing exceptionally well. They (coaches and medical staff) are very happy with his continued progress and Eric even called Steel a "miracle." (But we already knew that.) Steel's doctors have decided to wait for the ACL repair until after the holidays. This will ensure continuity in his therapy and not keep him away from school any more than necessary. We anticipate a surgery date shortly after January 1st.

Brandon had an MRI today and everything looks good. He too continues to heal and appears to get a little healthier each day. He is still confined to home for the time being, but I know it's so much better than being stuck in a hospital.

We cannot thank everyone enough for all of the love and support for these two boys. It's been a very long 6 weeks, but things are looking better and better each day. Please keep the prayers coming!