My Left Contact

We traveled to Sacramento today for a Sacramento State Football game.  We went in a chartered bus with more than 30 other people and joined more than 30 more in a big tailgate party in the parking lot before the game.  Needless to say it was a great time.  It's never a bad thing to combine football, friends and food. One great story comes from our ride home.  Although my vision was better than yesterday, my contacts were bothering me a bit so I attempted to take them out on the bus on the way home.  The overhead lights were not working so our friend Kenny held the flashlight (his iPhone) and Leroy held the mirror.  I got the right out super easy, but the left one proved to be a bit more difficult.  After digging and digging, we came to the conclusion that there wasn't a contact ON my eye.... so then we started looking for it on my person, on the seat, on the floor... nothing.  What a scene.  Between the darkness and the laughing, we didn't get very far and we were not successful.


When we got home, guess was what all dried up, sitting on the floor in my bathroom?  You guess it.  My left contact.  It fell out before we even left in the morning.  And to think that my vision was better with only one.   This is very discouraging.  But I do feel better about my contact removal abilities.  Obviously, I'm so good, I can do it with no hands!  I'll be making a call to the doctor on Monday.

It dawned on me today that my "contact lens drama/saga" is turning into another version of the "Great Grow Out!"

Tune in tomorrow for another episode of will she or wont' she...