Sweeties by Sierra

Sierra made some delicious desserts for a baby shower that we attended today.  And to make it even better, she had my favorite Oreo Truffles.  They were wonderful... and everyone raved about them at the party.  When the hostess thanked Sierra, she even received a round of applause.  Now that's a good sign. I'm really proud of this girl.  She does everything right.  Everything.  She is wise beyond her years and really, really self-reliant.  Not only does she work full-time, she carves out time to fulfill these cupcake jobs because she just loves to bake.  I keep telling her that this is NOT her career and that she invests too much time into it, but she assures me that the reward is worth the effort.  I truly wonder if she charges enough to cover her expense and time... but she thinks she does so that's all that matters.