Sound Advice

We went to breakfast this morning at the sales yard. Now I know that might not sound too appealing, but let me assure you it was delicious. And I knew it would be since one of our favorite caterers (Mary Alice) is now running the restaurant. I can't believe we haven't gone there for breakfast before, but that's going to change. I have a feeling we're going to become regulars. When we arrived, we ran into the man who started the insurance agency where Leroy works. Mr. Frank Rico spotted us right away and came over to say hello. He re-introduced himself to me although I feel like I know him so well from the stories Leroy has told me over the years.

Mr. Rico sat with us during breakfast and we chatted about everything under the sun including football, youth sports, career changes and of course, the insurance business. Mr. Rico told us the story of how he first started the agency and about all of the things he loved about the business. Just from hearing him talk it was easy to see that he had a passion for his career and for the company he founded.

We talked a lot about relationships and I realized the advice he was offering wasn't just about work. The suggestions he made were wise for all of the relationships we have. Relationships with friends, family, co-workers and clients alike. His kind demeanor and sincere attitude were very humbling for me. I truly appreciated his time and wisdom.