We're back to CCD this week after a 3 week break.  It was great to have my entire class there tonight.  That's the first time it's happened.  (I have 11 students total.)  Due to scheduling, it's only the 4th time the class has met... and only the second class I've taught.  We all still have some learning to do. We only have two class rules.  1) Be Respectful and 2) Be honest.  I don't want them to feel like they have to give me the "right" answer all the time.  I want them to talk about their opinion, or how they understand a concept or teaching.  I don't want them to regurgitate.  I want them to voice their opinions, questions and most of all their doubts.  After all doubt is a part of faith.  The opposite of faith is fear, not doubt.  Doubt it good.  It means you question.  And the more you question, the more you learn.  And the more you learn, the more you understand and believe.

Doubt is good.

My students (for the most part) ask very good questions.  Don't get me wrong... they are all about 15 years old so there are some silly questions too (for attention.)  But mostly they ask thought-provoking questions that I don't always have the answers to... and I readily admit that fact.  Sometimes we look up answers in our Catechism, but mostly we talk it out and try to figure it out together.  Those are the moments I enjoy.  That's when I see them coming to an "adult" faith.  That's when I see the grace.