Raining In Ripon

The Central Catholic football team is still in it!  With the defeat of Ripon tonight, CC continues to advance in the playoffs and will meet up with Center (from Antelope) at CCHS next Friday night. It was a good game and there were quite a few stressful moments as CC fell behind in the 2nd quarter.  I even sat in the rain (well, not really rain, more like heavy mist.)

In actuality, I hate these playoff games.  At this point in the season it's do or die.  For one team, this is the last game of the year and for the seniors it might be their last game... Ever.  I've been there and I know what those parents are going through.  It's heartbreaking.  All we can do is stand there and witness as the seniors linger on the field for as long as possible... trying to avoid the inevitable.

The grace comes in the gentle reminder of the significance of this game for these boys.  I tend to forget how much this game means to the boys Leroy coaches... and how much they mean to him.  High school football is bitter-sweet for me because it pulls my husband away, but he loves the players and he loves the game.

And I love him.