Practicing Alumni

I love tradition. And I really love when I realize a new tradition is forming right before my eyes. Ritual means it's important. It occurred to me this morning that we have formed another tradition. We get a Thanksgiving visit from one of Steel's best friends, Matt Shinkwin. Matt attends West Point and is one of the first people Steel wants to see when they are both home. Matt fits in with our family well and having him in our home is as comfortable as hosting another son. Matt has been with us on our anniversary in previous years too, and it just wouldn't be the same without him.

Another one of my favorite traditions is Thanksgiving Day Practice at Central Catholic. It's a great opportunity to reunite with many of the alumni that are home for the holiday. I look forward to this every year and it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving without going out for a while. Today we got to share the experience with Matt too, and that just confirmed the significance of the moment.