I love working from home. I really do. I won't admit this to just anyone, but I will tell you that my most productive work days are spent in my fuzzy pajamas. This was one of those days. I had no plans of leaving the house. After the gym this morning, I showered, put on my fuzzy pj's and started to work... no makeup, no contacts. It was fabulous.

Sierra called and asked me to go to the post office for her, so I begrudgingly did. The post office is about a half mile away from home so it would be a quick trip. I decided to throw on some sweat pants but the pajama top stayed on under a sweatshirt. This is a huge risk in Hilmar where I live. Everybody knows everybody... and everybody's business.

I can't believe I pulled it off, but I made it in and out without seeing anyone I knew. As I was celebrating my accomplishment I had to laugh at myself because I'm not the type of person who would care anyway. Getting away with it was fun, but in reality, it wasn't much of a risk.