Today was crazy. My schedule was crazy, the weather was crazy... everything just seemed to be in chaos. Not much went right for most of the day. Just when I thought it was all too much, I received a phone call telling me of a friend's sudden and unexpected death. It stopped me in my tracks. I stopped whining, I stopped stressing and I stopped worrying. With a heavy heart, I instantly put everything back into perspective and stopped to appreciate all that is right instead of thinking of everything that is wrong.

Unfortunately, this is not my first rodeo. I've lost many loved ones in my life and I know this lesson. I've learned it over and over again. I understand loss and mourning. And yet I still lose sight of what really matters once in a while and the lesson comes hard and fast all over again. But God is gentle and patient and he has not given up on me. So once again I surrender. The grace comes in the knowledge of God's loving providence.

Please pray for those who mourn on this night and every night.