Singing Priest

We went to mass at St. Stanislaus this morning and experienced Fr. Marcelino Malana for the first time.  I had heard about him from the gang at RCIA.  He's known for his beautiful voice and constant singing during the mass. He did not disappoint.

Going to mass at St. Stan's is like going home for us.  We always see many familiar faces.  Today's experience was no different, but it was enhanced by the wonderful mass and kind spirit of Fr. Marcelino.  After a fairly lengthy greeting (by usual standards) he announced after reading the gospel that his homily would be very short.  And indeed it was.  He spoke briefly about the church's new year as marked by the season of Advent and his suggestions for our focus in preparation for Christmas.  And then he did the most extraordinary thing... He SANG words from the John Lennon Song, Happy Christmas (War is Over.)

And so this is Christmas, and what have you done... Another year over, a new one just begun. A very merry Christmas and a happy new year, Let's hope it's a good one, without any fear.

And then he sat down.

No kidding, the whole thing took less than 2 minutes.  Leroy looked at me and said, "Is that it?"  With an affirmative shake of my head, I realized that it was over and so well done no one could argue with the significance or the impact.  How do you add to a statement like that? What could be more perfect than signing a John Lennon song (beautifully I might add) at mass?

This is definitely in my list of top five favorite homilies of all time.