Kid Friendly

I try not to brag about my kids too much.  I really do.  But every once in a while I have to stop and admit that they really are extraordinary.  It's not really bragging if I don't take credit... and I never do.  (Well, ok, sometimes I do, but it's not accurate.) One of the best ways to tell the character of an individual is to look at the relationships they maintain.  If you want to know someone, get to know who they know.  (Does that make sense?)  To simplify... I know my kids are doing well because of the wonderful friendships they have with really great kids.

This "social monitoring" that I have done with my kids used to be easy.  They went to a small high school and I knew everyone and all of their parents.  Now that they are young adults, it's a bit more difficult.  But I have yet to be disappointed.

Sierra's been telling us all about her friends from work and I finally got to meet two of them today.  They lived up to my expectation.  Every wonderful thing she said about them was obviously true.  It didn't take long to learn about the character of these girls and now I understand why Sierra likes them so much.  She is blessed by their friendship and I know they are blessed by hers.