Fresh Wreath

It's been a very long time since we had a "real" Christmas tree in the house.  Growing up, we always had live trees (in a big pot) that my father would then plant outside.  (A pretty cool tradition if you ask me.)  Since we've been married, Leroy and I have had an artificial tree because it always sat so close to the fireplace (on the dairy) I didn't want to risk a fire.  (And I like to put them up really, really early.)  Our current tree is celebrating its last year with us now, and I'm already looking forward to something new next year. The smell of an evergreen tree is the best part.  Today I got a hint of that with a "real" evergreen wreath that Leroy brought home.  I've hung it on the front door and it's beautiful and really smells good.  I'm seriously considering turning the hanger around so it's on the inside for us to enjoy.