Snowy Blog

For the last two days, I've been trying to switch my blog over to a new hosting site.  (It's a long story and quite complicated so I'll spare you the details.)  I got the new one set up, even pointed my domain but I couldn't transfer the content.  (Damn error messages.)  So... today I decided to just leave things the way they were and I'm going to try again later... (much later... like months from now.)  I was up against a bit of a time constraint as my current hosting was about to expire... so that part is fixed and we're good for a while. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  Right?

Part of this process has required me to check my blog (live, on the web) quite often and I was reminded about how AWESOME the snow is this time of year.  (I don't think that feature is available on the new hosting site... so there's one more reason to leave things alone.)  I find myself clicking over and just watching it.  Did you realize that the direction changes with your cursor?  Go ahead!   Give it a try!

I'm happy to share my own, personal Winter Wonderland with you.  (At least until January 1st when the snow will go away until next December.)