This One's For June

I've written about my friend June previously, but whenever I spend time with her I am inspired to write more. (Click here to read a previous post.)  June is someone you want to emulate.  She is accomplished, well-traveled, adventurous and most important, she is wise.  She's not afraid of a challenge understands how important it is to keep challenging herself. And she does.

June and some of her beautiful family were over tonight for our annual Light Parade tradition.  (It's a tradition because we've done it two years in a row.)  Early on in the evening she asked me where today's blog post was because she hadn't received it yet.  And even before the night was over, she asked me why I hadn't written yet. (She's a subscriber, one of my biggest fans and holds me accountable.)

So this one's for June.

My dear lady... I am so blessed by your friendship.  Thank you for your kindness, your generosity and most of all for your friendship.  I am a better person with you in my corner.  You are the epitome of grace and of all that is good and we are so fortunate to have you in our lives.