Facebook Saavy

What a difference 3 1/2 years makes. My friend Trish came across an email I sent in 2009 and shared it with me. I'm so glad she did.

It's so funny to think of this now. Especially considering the fact that Facebook is part of my job. I get paid to know how to post on Facebook.

The other part of this story that you don't know is that I was teasing Trish on Facebook yesterday (relentlessly) about an old picture of her that was posted. When Trish sent this today, I couldn't help but wonder if she wished I had NEVER learned how to reply.

It's hard to imagine our lives pre-Facebook. Today I called out a friend about her lack of attendance at Soup Supper Sundays. I used my phone to shoot a video, edit it and then post it to my blog and Facebook. Never even had to use the computer. And the whole process only took about 10 minutes.

It worked too! She showed up with two of her girls.

I've come a long way, Baby!