A True Champion

My team won tonight. And I'm happy. I'm happy for the boys, and I'm happy for the school. I'm really happy for Leroy because I know he loves this team, but most of all I'm happy for this man, Roger Canepa. No one deserves this victory more than he does. No one gives as much of his life and soul to Central Catholic Football than Roger. When he took the position at CCHS, (replacing Coach Mike Glines) I thought he must be really brave, or really crazy. I've come to understand he's a lot of both. But more than that, he's all heart.

Roger is often mis-interpreted, especially by those who don't know him. Once you spend some time with him you quickly understand that he loves football, he loves to coach and he loves his team. No one celebrates the victory more than Roger and no one mourns a loss quite as much either.

Congratulations Roger Canepa... For this night and all of the other nights you've left it all on the field. You have our sincere appreciation and utmost respect for your passion and dedication to the sport we love.

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