Congratulatory Text

We have been receiving seemingly non-stop texts, emails and phone calls over the last 24 hours.  Each one is congratulatory in nature with kind and thoughtful words from good friends and dear family.  It's been a lot of fun.  And as we come off the high of the big win, it begins to sink in just what has been accomplished over the last year with this team.  This has been a tremendous success for a football team, but Central Catholic Football has always been about more than just what happens on the field.  It's what happens to those to participate.  It's transformative and everyone leaves the program with a little piece of it still in their hearts.  That's the part that no-one, outside of those who have experienced it can understand.  It about more than just football. The best text of the day came from a dear family friend and adopted son.  Jay played Pop-Warner and High School football with Steel but is so much more than a team-mate. He is a best friend and a valued member of our family.  His laughter, kind spirit and sense of humor has filled our hearts and memories for many, many years.

"Leroy, so happy for all the boys and you coaches! You guys had a great season and I was so impressed and proud watching the games i saw this year. Just wanted to pass this your way bcuz I know how long those seasons are and I know how many long hours, days and weekends you guys sacrifice to be successful! Pass This congrats along to coach canepa if you get the chance. Couldn't be happier for you coaches bcuz it starts with you guys and all of your hard work. You guys were more than deserving of this & Winning like that was a testament to you coaches and is proof that all the hard work that you guys gave to us goes unmatched!  That was a win last night for everyone whose ever strapped on the blue & gold. Love you coach! Just wanted to pass this your way."

This is why good men coach.

This realization is the hope and dream of every good coach.  For a young man to one day realize that they were a part of something extraordinary.  To understand that hard work does pay off and that your team... your coaches have your back.


It is the ultimate, grace-filled victory.