Dog Sitters

We have the best dogs in the world. And they deserve nothing less than the best sitters in the world. They've got 'em.

Daisy has been a frequent guest of my Uncle Glade's for most of her life. As a Dauschund owner/lover himself, Uncle insists that she stay with him whenever we travel. This all started after I told him a story of how miserable she was when we once left her at a kennel. She has never returned to that place. Daisy loves Uncle... and loves to go visit. Of course the added treats and car rides are a huge bonus. She also has a cousin (Beanie the Dauschund) to play with while she's there. (It's really been a wonderful excuse to see him on a regular basis too.)

Charlie has the Lemos family... Especially Brooke. He has gone to the kennel a couple times, but he's a regular at the Lemos household. (For most of his life.) They are his adopted family. He loves to go there and falls right into routine. Whenever I drop him off, the first thing he does is run over and check for his water bowl. (Which is always ready with fresh water.) Charlie loves the neighborhood walks and occasional trips a friend's swimming pool.

We never worry about our dogs when we're gone. We know they are loved and well cared for in our absence. They come home relaxed and content and are always excited to return.