Christmas Crisis Averted

We have a tradition at the Rocha Family Christmas Eve dinner. Each year, I put together a slide show of pictures of the year and we watch it right after dinner. Each year I tell myself I'm going to start on it earlier... but I usually don't. This year's project started last night. And actually, that would have been fine... if the damn thing would have burned this afternoon. I don't know what happened, but I wasn't able to burn the movie onto a DVD to show on the TV. I tried several different options.

I had actually given up hope.

But we had prayed that it would work (because we really look forward to the slide show) and of course our prayer was answered. Just in the nick of time, I thought of another way to show the movie. (Add to iTunes, transfer to the iPad and play with Apple TV... Thank you Steve Jobs.)

So we were able to hold to tradition and watch the slide show. I still have to figure out the DVD issue so everyone can get a copy... but at least we were all able to watch it.

It just wouldn't have been the same without it!