Happy Boxing Day

Today is one of my favorite days in the entire year. It's BOXING Day! For me, that has always meant the day we spend "boxing" up all of the Christmas decorations. Actually, Boxing Day is a British holiday that always falls on the day after Christmas and it commemorates the collection of donation boxes for the poor. I love Christmas, but I'm not a big fan of the "stuff" all over my house. I'm a minimalist at heart. I like mostly empty rooms, blank walls and minimal furnishings. I love putting the Christmas stuff away (and reclaiming my home) almost as much as I love Christmas itself. I know that this period of time is the actual "12 Days of Christmas" and I am still in the spirit... I just don't need the crap around to remind me. The feeling of "simplifying" ties in beautifully with this period of rejoicing and reflection.

Maybe that's why it's my favorite time of the year.