Hey Kid: Music Appreciation

Listen to music. A lot.

I don't even really care what music you're listening to... (Ok, yeah, I do) as long as it's something that makes you feel good. Music should stir your soul, make you think, make you remember. Good music can do that to you... when you not only hear, but listen too. Pay attention to the lyrics and to the story. Pick out the different instruments and sounds. Notice the beat and timing. It's all art.

Learn the words to songs and sing them. It doesn't matter what you sound like. Just sing. Learn all of the songs to your favorite movies/plays/operas. You'll start with Disney movies (and I'll be so proud) and eventually you'll move on to Broadway productions like Phantom of the Opera and Le Miserables. When you sing these songs, you'll remember the stories... and you'll participate... any time you want.

Don't get stuck in one kind of genera. There is good in ALL music and each style moves us in a different way. I love ALL music, but of course I am partial to the classics like The Beatles, The Beach Boys and classic 80's rock. It's history and you should know and understand it all. Even if it's not your favorite. (But I'm fairly confident it will be eventually.)

Studies have shown that children who were exposed to music at a young age do better in school. It has to be good for us intellectually because it is so good for us mentally. It just makes sense. When my children were little, we listened to all kind of music and we sang along... sometimes in different parts just for fun. One of my favorite memories is singing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school in the mornings. I promise we'll do it live again, when you're older.