Hey Kid: Keeping Score

I'm all for keeping the score in games.  I've never understood the premise of not keeping track of the score at athletic events or competitions (usually involving children.)  EVERYONE knows what the score is and OF COURSE they are keeping track.  It's how we measure our success.  It's how we measure the competition.  Someone has to be better in order to determine the winner... you must keep score!  Otherwise it's not competition at all. But the same is not true with our personal relationships.  With those we love... it is detrimental to keep score and will always bring us disappointment and heart ache.  Our relationships are not competitions. Since love is at the heart of these relationships, we interpret them through our relationship with God.  And heaven knows (pun intended) we do not want to know the score between us and God.  We can't out give The Giver!  Thankfully, He doesn't keep score either.

Treat others with respect.  It is the most basic form of love.  You might not like everyone (including some of your relatives) but you must love them as God does.  It's at the heart of all of the commandments and it's what Jesus taught. I'll let you in on a secret too... It's a lot easier to love and forgive if you practice.  Doing it over and over and over again really makes it simple and easy.  It just becomes a habit.  Don't worry about the other person's worthiness... that part doesn't concern you.  God will take care of the details.

As far as our personal relationships go, it doesn't matter who wins or loses... it's how we play the game.  That's where we'll be judged.  And if we do right by those we love, we'll be happy and so will God.


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