RT Knee ACL Repair

We are traveling to Oregon today to be near Steel as he undergoes a procedure to repair the ACL in his right knee.  For those of you who are unaware, Steel was injured in a football game in September and suffered damage to his ACL, MCL, Meniscus and the Popliteal artery in his right leg.  His initial surgery in September was to repair the torn artery only.  Thankfully, he has experienced a rapid recovery from the initial injury as well as the artery graft and is now ready for the ligament repair.  Steel's procedure is scheduled for Friday morning at Providence St. Vincent's hospital in Portland, OR. This procedure for Steel is complicated by the artery graft performed in September.  They will not be able to use a tourniquet on his leg and therefore must use a cadaver ligament for the repair.  He will be hospitalized during his initial recovery so they can monitor the blood flow in the leg.  They have told us he'll be in for 3-4 days.  (An ACL repair is usually an outpatient procedure.)

As ask for your continued prayers.  It is not an exaggeration to say we witnessed a miracle last fall and we're looking for another one.  We truly were and continue to be surrounded by angles and heroes.  Please pray for Steel, his doctors and caregivers and for us as we travel.   I will update the blog on his condition immediately after the procedure which is currently scheduled for Friday, January 11 at 7:30am.