Hey Kid: Understand Providence

I've never understood why someone would choose not to believe in God. For me, the evidence is overwhelming, but beyond that... it gives me tremendous hope. Without the belief in a higher power, we would be lost in despair. It is really the only true form of peace. The other grace that comes from this belief is the understanding of providence.... Or the knowledge that we are under God's protective care. It is God's nature to care for us. Therefore, we are a people of providence, which comes with many blessings, but also with great responsibility. We must care for those around us as well. Not only do we receive God's providence, we also reflect it to those we love and the world around us.

I know this sounds like work, but when service is offered solely for the glory of God, it is not work at all. It is joy. And the reward always, always outweigh the cost. My prayer for you is that you find and share your providential gifts in service to others. Figure it out early. It is the most important and the most rewarding thing you will do with your life.