Hey Kid: Concede

By the time you're old enough to read this, most people will have forgotten about Lance Armstrong.  He was an athlete that achieved tremendous success as cyclist and as a testicular cancer survivor who inspired countless other cancer patients.  But all of respect he earned has been erased because he held on to a lie.  He cheated and used performance enhancing drugs to achieve his athletic success.  He was accused very long ago, but only admitted to it recently. He has lost all credibility.

But we can learn from Lance Armstrong.  When you've screwed up, admit it, apologize and move on.  His first mistake was denying the lie for so long.  He had to cover his lie constantly by creating new lies.  The whole thing was out of control.  He might have held on to a bit more of his dignity and self-respect if he had started this process earlier.  Of course his whole life would have turned out differently (better) if he hadn't lied at all... but perpetuating the lie only made things worse.

Don't do that.

You're going to screw up.  We all do.  But admit it, apologize and move on.  You'll be surprised how forgiving your loved ones will be once you come clean.  Trust them.  Their love is unconditional but you should never abuse it.  I'm sure Lance Armstrong has people around him that love him unconditionally too.  He's in the apologize stage right now... and that might take a while, but he'll get a chance to move on as well.

I hope he takes it.