Hey Kid: Sign Up

This is a picture of your Great-Uncle John, Great-Aunt Anne (TiTia) your grandfather (Chief) and me (Granny). Today we volunteered to help pack meals for Feed My Starving Children. Our session of volunteers packed enough meals to feed 153 children for an entire year and we did it in only 2 hours.

Very cool.

You'll have lots of opportunities to volunteer, join in, sign up... or otherwise participate in all kinds activities and I hope you take advantage every chance you get. It may not seem like it at the time... but I promise you won't regret it. We can all make excuses. None of us think we have time... but we do. And even though the thing you commit to sounds boring or lame or silly... it will be worth the effort. If it's awful... just don't do it again. But at least give it a try.

I've never regretted volunteering for anything. I usually complain ahead of time... and whine a lot. But I'm always glad I showed up. That's the thing about service. All you really have to do is show up. God does the real work and you'll be the one that receives the grace.

Definitely win-win.