Steel Update: ACL Recovery

Steel is now 10 days post op from his ACL repair.  He continues to do extremely well during this recovery and healing process.  Steel saw the surgeon on Friday and everything looked great.  At that point he had about 40% range of motion in the knee.  He was weight-bearing with two crutches. Today, Steel went to his first therapy appointment.  He is already down to a single crutch and has regained about 90% range of motion in the knee. (From 40% to 90% in just 3 days.)  The doctors and physical therapists are amazed at his rapid progress and expect him to excel through the entire recovery and rehabilitation process.

Thank you for the continued prayers... THEY ARE WORKING!  We have witnessed so many miracles during this entire situation that I've come to expect them at this point.

More news to come...

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