Hey Kid: Social Moderation

This project has really forced me to wonder what life will be like when you're reading this blog. I've come to the conclusion that I can't even begin to imagine how different it will be from what we experience now. The advancements in technology alone will make a vast difference in our lifestyles. One of the biggest changes between my childhood and that of your parents is the addition of social media. In 2013, it's a fairly new phenomenon and we're still trying to figure out the rules, the impact and the "best practices." Even though I work in social media, the technology changes so quickly we're on a constant learning curve.

One thing I know for certain... EVERYONE must be very careful of what they post. Too many people do not think of the reach and ramifications of the things they post on social media. You may think you are only sharing with your friends, but the exposure is way beyond your personal network.

Please think twice before posting. Imagine you're future employer or future mother-in-law going through your profile, looking at your pictures and reading your words. It's instant and it's permanent. (Even if you delete... there are archives that will last forever.)

I know you are gorgeous, but no one needs or wants to see your half naked, bathroom mirror, self-portrait.

Please do not post pictures of your undergarments, body parts or ANYTHING when you are drunk. (Just don't get drunk.) You might love your girl/boyfriend, but we don't want to see your make-out photos either.

Don't whine, vent or write cryptic posts. Do not use profanity or speak ill of someone in a rant. Everything can and will be used against you. At the very least you'll lose the respect of your friends and family... and you'll just look like an idiot.

Use this tool to share things that should be shared. Memorable moments in your life, joyous words, uplifting thoughts and happy pictures. Ask yourself... "Will this post uplift or diminish my reputation?"

Having said all this... I can't wait to see what mark you will leave in the world. You will have a voice and a presence.

Use it wisely.