Hey Kid: Home Opener

There is no place  in the whole world that Steel would rather be than in San Jose for the Sharks' home opener!  He's a huge hockey fan and the San Jose Sharks are his favorite team.  The 2012 lock out started just before Steel's knee injury in September and ended just before his most recent surgery a few weeks ago.  Without hockey to help him heal, it's wonder he was able to recover at all.  Following his hospitalization in September, this picture was submitted to compete for the "Fan of the Week."  People voted online and he won! Tonight the Sharks played in their first home game of the abbreviated season.  They are in San Jose and Steel is in Oregon.  I'm sure he was disappointed... until he received a text from our friend Becki.  She text him to say that his "Fan of the Week" picture was shown on the Jumbo-Tron during the game.  To say he's excited is an understatement.  In his on words (via Twitter) "My life is now complete."