Hey Kid: Working Girl

It occurred to me the other day that you would probably like to hear about your parents... what they were doing before you came along.  Now I promise not to tell too many stories, but there are some things you should know about them and what they were like when they were younger.  I think you'll be very impressed.

Sierra is only 23 years old but she is one of the most responsible people I have ever known.  This is nothing new however.  She's been self-sufficient since she got her drivers' license at 16.  Currently, she spends most of her time working.  She is a Scribe in the emergency department at Doctor's Hospital in Modesto.  She loves her job and from the feedback we receive, everyone at her job loves her too.  She has made some wonderful friends during her time there and she is gaining tremendous experience for her goal of becoming a registered nurse.  She recently received an increase in her responsibilities for her position which will only help her achieve her goals in the future.

Ever since she was a little girl, she's always wanted to be a nurse.  She understood her gift of compassion at a very early age and this vocation is a perfect fit for her spirit.  Her natural ability for critical thinking, common sense and empathy will bless her patients in the future.  However, as much as she loves her job and the people she works with, she is not unaffected by what she sees in the ER on a daily basis.  She has come to understand the grace of good health and does not take life for granted.