Hey Kid: Forget the Phone

We went for a Sunday drive today and I left my phone at home... ... by accident.

I don't know what things will be like for you, but going 9 hours without my cell phone is like not being able to use a hand for a while. You can manage, but things are a lot more difficult. We depend on our cell phones for work and personal communication.

At first I panicked... but then I realized I can do without it for one day. I was with Leroy so I was safe... and since it's Sunday I was (technically) off work... so I knew I'd be alright. To be honest I really only missed the camera.

As much as I love and depend on technology, I have to admit it was nice to be phone-free today. We traveled though the California foothills (gold country) and saw some beautiful areas. I didn't Tweet or check in on Facebook one time.

Don't be afraid to "disconnect" once in a while. As a matter of fact... I've come to believe it's a good practice and I plan to schedule it into the week. I'll let you know how that works out... but I can already tell you it will be good for my stress level.

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