Hey Kid: Throw Back Thursday

I'm all about moving forward and looking ahead.  There's not much to gain from looking back on our past but every once in a while a memory pops up and makes us smile all over again.  In those moments, it's a great feeling to stop and reminisce just for a little while.

There is a trend on social media called "Throw Back Thursday" or #TBT where people post old photographs.  I've enjoyed other's posts in previously, but today I decided to jump in on the fun.  I found an accessible box of photographs in the garage.  I lifted the lid and took out the first one I touched... and this is what I found!  It was perfect... and I knew it would get a response out of my kids, but I didn't realize how much other people would enjoy it too.

We have lots and lots of Disney memories but for us there are some things that you'll probably find in every Disney picture we have.  1.  The kids wearing "fanny packs."  (I wasn't about to carry all of their crap for them all day.)  2.  Autograph books.  This was one of our favorite traditions and a great keepsake for the kids after the trip was over.  3.  Matching shirts.  (Easier to keep track of them besides the fact that they were absolutely adorable.)  The part of this story that you don't see in this photo is the fact that my mom (the original Granny) probably had a shirt matching Sierra's too. 4. Steel wearing something "Goofy."  He always wanted to represent his favorite character.  And 5... The obligatory pose and smile for Mom because there was no way we were leaving without a picture.

So many good memories and yet I cannot be sad that the children have grown.  The memories that have come since this photo was taken are just as precious as those when they were younger.  Maybe even more so because we're building memories upon memories.  It seems as if the moments just get better and better.  How can we yearn for an era long ago when we have so much to look forward to?

“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” ― Dr. Seuss