Hey Kid: This is Going to Hurt

Bad stuff is going to happen to you. There's just no way around it. As much as we'd like to protect you... you will be subjected to suffering. We have a saying "shit happens" and as crude as it sounds... it's true. It's inevitable. Bad things happen to good people. You will not be defined by your experiences, but you will be defined by how you react to them. You will experience disappointments, heartbreak, failure, grief, physical and emotional pain... and you won't be able to do a thing about it except endure. Just know that your family will be with you through it all and they will love and support you.

It's difficult to understand or even believe, but some of these experiences are going to hurt your parents much more than they hurt you. It's natural. It's all a part of the parental instinct. Sierra and Steel don't understand this yet themselves because they're not parents. But they will quickly "get it" the moment you arrive.

This parenting (and grand-parenting) thing is tough gig. Our emotions are tied so closely to your happiness that we can't help but be affected by your experiences. Just know that your parents have been there... and their suffering is magnified through their love of you. Be patient with them and try to understand the profound love they have for you.