Hey Kid: Morning Ritual

I haven't written about them yet (to you) but we have two dogs that we love and adore.  I hope you always have a pet (more about that later) and one of the things I intend to make sure happens in your life is the constant presence of a pet of some kind (preferably a dog.)  But, we'll worry about that when the time comes. I love ritual and routine.  I like schedules and knowing what's going to happen next.  It brings an incredible sense of control and peace... two things I strive for each and every day.

Even though every day is a little different, they all start out the same.  The alarm clock goes off at 6:00am and Charlie (big, hairy, yellow Lab) begins to drool.  He knows he's about to get his breakfast.  Fortunately, he doesn't make a mess, but he licks his lips and smacks his gums until the food is in front of him.  (A guy named Pavlov had the same thing happen to his dog and he wrote about it and became very famous.  You'll learn about him and his dog in school.)

The lady of the house, Daisy, (little, bossy, miniature Dauschund) doesn't stir until one of us gets up.  She likes to stay nice and cozy warm under the covers for as long as possible.  But the second we get up, she's off the bed, stretching and headed for the door.

Feeding the dogs, letting them out, fixing the coffee and getting the paper are my responsibility on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Your grandfather, Chief takes over on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.  (And any other day that I whine long enough to get him to surrender.)  Those are my favorite days for obvious reasons, but also for the fact that he makes the very best coffee and I cannot duplicate his mad skills.

This routine works well for us and the dogs are used to it too.  It used to be my job every morning, but when it got cold in this 2 story house, Leroy started to go for me.  The dogs were shocked at first and wouldn't follow him downstairs initially, but they quickly caught on.  The first one up and out of bed is the provider of the food.  They're no dummies.

As boring as all this sounds... it's one of my favorite things in my life right now.  It's a constant reminder that all is as it should be and everything is right in the world.