Hey Kid: Granny Style Popcorn

You were born into a great family. Unfortunately, some of them you’ll never meet. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t love you or that you will not experience their influence, because we have all been changed by our relationships with these people. All for the better. Your Great-Granny (my mom, Vilate) was a real character. There is no way that I can describe her personality in one post. It would take an entire biography which, someday, I may write. To say she had a “strong personality” would be too mild of a description. She was a firecracker in every sense of the word. She was mischievous, sarcastic and a bit ornery at times as well. It wasn’t always easy to love her. But she always had the best intentions and was the epitome of a protective mama bear. She could talk all she wanted but no one else better say a word about her family. Don’t worry too much about not knowing your great-grandmother. You’ll get to know her very well, as I am exactly like her.

She had a number of habits that will forever define her to those who knew her and none of them more prominent than her love of buttered popcorn. She couldn’t help herself. Her entire family was addicted to the stuff. This staple is a constant at every Reese household. Mom had a bowl every night and every memory I have of her brothers and their families include fresh, hot, popcorn.

This is Great-Granny’s favorite popcorn bowl. I have no idea how old it is, or how she acquired it… but it’s the one she used for her nightly ritual. It now holds a prominent place in my glass cabinet, on display for all who enter our home. I never eat popcorn out of any other bowl… and I always think of Mom when I do.