Hey Kid: Pre-Internet

It's hard for me to imagine how differently life will be for you.  So many things have changed since my childhood, it was in stark contrast to what my children experienced.  Who knows what's in store for you. We use computers and the Internet for almost EVERYTHING now, but it wasn't always that way.  I was the first kid on my block to own a computer.  (Actually, there were many firsts for my family because my father loved gadgets as much as I do.  We were the first to own a remote control TV, a microwave oven and a Crock-Pot too...)  But it was the Apple IIe that changed my life.  I loved that thing... and it was a work-horse.

I got the computer for Christmas either my Freshmen or Sophomore year of high school.  Of course there was no Internet back then.  We used it mostly as a word-processor and for the educational program Encarta which was a visual encyclopedia.  (That was my dad's favorite.)  I had a dot-matrix printer (look it up) and my homework and reports always looked so much better than the other student's.  As a matter of fact, I had to convince my teachers that I really did have a computer at home and that I wasn't getting my work done at my dad's office.  That computer lasted until 1993 when we bought our first PC which had AOL installed and a dial-up connection (again, look it up.)

Twenty years later, I'm back to Apple.  Well, actually Apple and a PC for work and I'm surrounded by computers (big and small) constantly.  Besides the PC and Mac I have an iPhone and an iPad.  And no, I don't ever leave home without one.